Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, volume 04


The Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, is a work of enormous proportions. Setting out with the simple goal of offering "American households a mass of good reading", the editors drew from literature of all times and all kinds what they considered the best pieces of human writing, and compiled an ambitious collection of 45 volumes (with a 46th being an index-guide). Besides the selection and translation of a huge number of poems, letters, short stories and sections of books, the collection offers, before each chapter, a short essay about the author or subject in question. In many cases, chapters contemplate not one author, but certain groups of works, organized by nationality, subject or period; there is, thus, a chapter on Accadian-Babylonian literature, one on the Holy Grail, and one on Chansons, for example.

The result is a collection that holds the interest, for the variety of subjects and forms, but also as a means of first contact with such famous and important authors that many people have heard of, but never read, such as Abelard, Dante or Lord Byron. According to the editor Charles Dudley Warner, this collection "is not a library of reference only, but a library to be read."

This fourth volume contains chapters from "Banim" to "Birrell". (Summary by Leni)

Genre(s): Anthologies, Anthologies, Literary Collections

Language: English

Group: Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 The Publican's Dream John Banim Etext Cynthia Moyer
00:41:28 en
Play 02 Selected poems John Banim Etext ravenotation
00:06:00 en
Play 03 Selected works Théodore de Banville Etext Bellona Times
00:18:02 en
Play 04 Against Inconsistency in Our Expectations Anna Laetitia Barbauld Etext CaprishaPage
00:18:30 en
Play 05 A Dialogue of the Dead Anna Laetitia Barbauld Etext Pamela Krantz
00:10:59 en
Play 06 Selected poems Anna Laetitia Barbauld Etext Libby Gohn
00:03:29 en
Play 07 The Courtier's Life (Second Eclogue) Alexander Barclay Etext Cynthia Moyer
00:27:49 en
Play 08 As I Laye A-Thynkynge Richard Harris Barham Etext Patti Cunningham
00:22:45 en
Play 09 The Lay of St. Cuthbert Richard Harris Barham Etext James E. Carson
00:30:40 en
Play 10 A Lay of St. Nicholas Richard Harris Barham Etext Phil Chenevert
00:16:24 en
Play 11 Selected excerpts Sabine Baring-Gould Etext Andy Minter (1934-2017)
00:34:38 en
Play 12 Selected excerpts Jane Barlow Etext James E. Carson
00:42:53 en
Play 13 A Feast Joel Barlow Etext Cynthia Moyer
00:20:38 en
Play 14 Selected works William Barnes Etext rookieblue
00:16:33 en
Play 15 Selected works William Barnes Etext MaryAnn
00:51:08 en
Play 16 The Courtin' of T'nowhead's Bell J. M. Barrie Etext MaryAnn
00:38:56 en
Play 17 Selected excerpts Frédéric Bastiat Etext Bruce Pirie
00:27:08 en
Play 18 Essay on Charles Baudelaire Grace Elizabeth King Etext Bruce Pirie
00:24:57 en
Play 19 Selected poems Charles Baudelaire Etext CaprishaPage
00:07:44 en
Play 20 The Painter of Modern Life Charles Baudelaire Etext Leni
00:09:38 en
Play 21 Selected excerpts Charles Baudelaire Etext CaprishaPage
00:08:20 en
Play 22 Essay on Lord Beaconsfield Isa Carrington Cabell Etext Bruce Pirie
00:16:34 en
Play 23 A Day at Ems Benjamin Disraeli Etext Dan Darbandi
00:10:01 en
Play 24 Excerpts from The Young Duke Benjamin Disraeli Etext Patti Cunningham
00:28:33 en
Play 25 Lothair in Palestine Benjamin Disraeli Etext JamesMcAndrew
00:14:26 en
Play 26 Selected excerpts Pierre Beaumarchais Etext Alan Weyman
00:32:55 en
Play 27 Essay on Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher Charles Dudley Warner Etext Bruce Pirie
00:20:19 en
Play 28 Selected excerpts John Beaumont Etext Cynthia Moyer
00:52:26 en
Play 29 Selected excerpts William Beckford Etext Alan Weyman
00:42:28 en
Play 30 Essay on Henry Ward Beecher Lyman Abbott Etext MaryAnn
00:20:48 en
Play 31 Selected excerpts Henry Ward Beecher Etext MaryAnn
00:16:21 en
Play 32 Sermon: Poverty and the Gospel Henry Ward Beecher Etext MaryAnn
00:37:35 en
Play 33 A New England Sunday Henry Ward Beecher Etext MaryAnn
00:29:08 en
Play 34 Letters Ludwig van Beethoven Etext Pamela Krantz
00:33:40 en
Play 35 Selected poems Carl Michael Bellman Etext Leonard Wilson
00:27:53 en
Play 36 Selected excerpts Jeremy Bentham Etext Loveday
00:28:47 en
Play 37 Selected poems Pierre-Jean de Béranger Etext Bruce Pirie
00:40:11 en
Play 38 Selected excerpts George Berkeley Etext Steven Reynolds
00:20:39 en
Play 39 Selected excerpts Hector Berlioz Etext Zarlino
00:29:00 en
Play 40 Selected excerpts Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Etext Leonard Wilson
00:27:09 en
Play 41 Brief Life Is Here Our Portion Bernard of Cluny Etext Cynthia Moyer
00:15:24 en
Play 42 The Treatyse of Fyssbynge with an Angle Juliana Berners Etext Martin Geeson
00:11:38 en
Play 43 Old-Time London Walter Besant Etext Bellona Times
00:23:16 en
Play 44 The Synagogue Walter Besant Etext Bellona Times
00:20:12 en
Play 45 Bestiaries and Lapidaries L. Oscar Kuhns Etext Cynthia Moyer
00:25:02 en
Play 46 Essay on Marie-Henri Beyle (Stendhal) Frederic Taber Cooper Etext Bruce Pirie
00:28:24 en
Play 47 Princess Sanseverina's Interview Stendhal Etext Malone
00:27:33 en
Play 48 Clélia Aids Fabrice to Escape Stendhal Etext JamesMcAndrew
00:19:06 en
Play 49 Selected poems Willem Bilderdijk Etext Leonard Wilson
00:27:56 en
Play 50 Selected poems Bion of Smyrna Etext Cynthia Moyer
00:16:40 en
Play 51 Essay on Augustine Birrell Charles Dudley Warner Etext rookieblue
00:08:14 en
Play 52 Selected excerpts, part 1 Augustine Birrell Etext Leonard Wilson
00:37:53 en
Play 53 Selected excerpts, part 2 Augustine Birrell Etext Leonard Wilson
00:26:36 en
Play 54 Selected excerpts, part 3 Augustine Birrell Etext Leonard Wilson
00:23:58 en