Lara, A Tale

George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788 - 1824)

This powerful poem narrates the fateful return of Count Lara to the British Isles after spending years abroad traveling the orient.

Returning to his patrimony with a retinue consisting of one foreign-born page, Count Lara resumes the management of his landed estates. Lara's first efforts are crowned with success: only to be undermined by the jealousy and envy of his his peers. After a successful duel to defend his honour, the count becomes inexorably caught up in local blood-feuds; which quickly escalate to open warfare between his own followers and the private armies of his enemies.

- Count Lara remains a bold and skillful leader: is he strong enough to triumph yet over adverse fortune?

- And what is the secret of his mysterious foreign page: who left kindred and homeland behind in order to follow Count Lara to the uttermost ends of the earth?
(Introduction by Godsend)

Genre(s): Ballads

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 Canto 1, Part 1, Stanzas 1-15 Nathan
Play 02 02 Canto 1, Part 2, Stanzas 16-29 Nathan
Play 03 03 Canto 2, Part 1, Stanzas 1-15 Nathan
Play 04 04 Canto 2, Part 2, Stanzs 16-25 Nathan