Kitchener's Mob Adventures of an American in the British Army

James Norman Hall (1887 - 1951)

“Pvt Ryan”, “Platoon”, “A Soldier’s Home”, Kitchener’s Mob”. These aren’t happy stories, they are about the experience of War. War at different times, and although modern warfare may be more sanitized, the adventure, the horror, the emotions don’t change. James Norman Hall has been there. He “Saw the Elephant”, and his portrayal of his WWI experience is a tribute to those ordinary people who do such extraordinary things.

Those who have served will identify with at least some part if not all of this book, be it the rigors of training, the camaraderie, or possibly those memories that try as you may, you can never make go away. Those who haven’t may gain insight and possibly more respect for those who have.

Tommy Atkins is a universal soldier, be he the cook that serves up a hot meal, the sniper that keeps score on the stock of his rifle, or the machine gunner who hates his job. As I narrated this book, I had to stop and compose myself more than once. I could almost feel Hall’s presence as we told Tommy’s story.

Mike Vendetti, Narrator
2 Lt Inf Vietnam 1965

Genre(s): War & Military

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - Note, Joining Up John W. Michaels
Play 02 02 - Rookies John W. Michaels
Play 03 03 - The Mob in Training John W. Michaels
Play 04 04 - Ordered Abroad John W. Michaels
Play 05 05 - The Parapet-etic School John W. Michaels
Play 06 06 - Private Holloway, Professor of Hygiene John W. Michaels
Play 07 07 - Midsummer Calm John W. Michaels
Play 08 08 - Under Cover John W. Michaels
Play 09 09 - Billets John W. Michaels
Play 10 10 - New Lodgings John W. Michaels
Play 11 11 - 'Sitting Tight' John W. Michaels