John Gutenberg, First Master Printer: His Acts and Most Remarkable Discourses and his Death

Franz von Dingelstedt (1814 - 1881)
Translated by C. W.

This is a brief sketch of the last years of the life of Johannes (John) Gutenberg, the man who invented the movable letter press. We join him in Mayence, where he lives in poverty. We get to know his enemies and his friends, and some information about why he isn't the rich man we'd expect him to be. This book was prepared and completed within two days by the volunteers at Distributed Proofreaders to mark their 15th anniversary with the 50,000th published book at Project Gutenberg. ( Claudia Salto)

Genre(s): Biography & Autobiography, Technology & Engineering

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter I. As how John Fust, master printer in the city of Maïence, gave his daughter Christine to wife to Peter Schoeffer his partner, and what came of it Claudia Salto
Play 02 Chapter II. What John Gutenberg, master printer, said, and what he did, while Peter Schoeffer was taking to wife the demoiselle Christine; all which should interest the reader Claudia Salto
Play 03 Chapter III. Who John Gutenberg found in his dwelling when he came back to it, and what conversation he there held with the little Parisian Claudia Salto
Play 04 Chapter IV. How two Crosiers being engaged in a quarrel, the poor people of Maïence were the sufferers, and Master John Gutenberg in particular Claudia Salto
Play 05 Chapter V. The Lord Archbishop Adolfe of Nassau having bethought him of John Gutenberg, the printer, causes a search to be made for him by one of his horsemen, who finds him in a fisherman’s hut Claudia Salto
Play 06 Chapter VI. Death of John Gutenberg. Reader, pray for the repose of his soul: his poor remains sleep in an unknown tomb Claudia Salto