Johann Sebastian Bach

Herbert Francis Peyser (1886 - 1953)

Compared with the unimaginable richness of his inner life as the overpowering volume and splendor of his works reveal it, Bach’s day-to-day existence seems almost pedestrian.... The present volume, which advances no claim whatever to any new or original slant, aims to do no more than furnish for those who read and run a meager background of a few isolated highspots in Bach’s outward life and a momentary sideglance at a tiny handful of his supreme creations. Its object will have been more than accomplished if in any manner it stimulates a radio listener to deepen his acquaintance with Bach’s immeasurable art. - Summary by Author's Foreword

Genre(s): Biography & Autobiography

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Foreword David Wales
Play 01 Part 1: Opening; Son Of A Court Musician; Early Years In School; Student At Lueneburg; Organist At Arnstadt David Wales
Play 02 Part 2: Inspiration From The Master, Buxtehude; Year At Muehlhausen; Weimer David Wales
Play 03 Part 3: Kapellmeister With Prince Leopold; Leipzig And The St. John Passion; Bach’s Greater Work; St. Matthew Passion And B MinorMass; Visit To Frederick The Great And Later Works; Death David Wales