Joanna Traill, Spinster

Annie E. Holdsworth (1860 - 1917)

Timid Joanna Traill’s every move is dictated by her overbearing sisters. Then she meets Mr. Boas, a man who works to give “fallen” women a chance at a better life. Through Mr. Boas, Joanna has the opportunity to take in as a ward a girl from a troubled background. When she takes Christine under her wing, her lonely, monotonous life starts to change for the better, and she learns to assert herself and live on her own terms, not her sisters’.

As the years pass, Christine gets to know Mr. Bevan, a friend of Mr. Boas’s, and eventually the two fall in love. Joanna advises her that she must tell Mr. Bevan of her past. Joanna also comes to realize that she regards Mr. Boas as more than a friend. How will Mr. Bevan react to Christine’s news? And will Mr. Boas return Joanna’s love? - Summary by Scarbo

Genre(s): Published 1800 -1900

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter 1. A Question of Settlements Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 02 Chapter 2. Some Advantages of Philanthropy Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 03 Chapter 3. An Enthusiast Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 04 Chapter 4. Miss Traill Finds an Excuse for Leaving Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 05 Chapter 5. High Art Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 06 Chapter 6. The Apotheosis of Christine Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 07 Chapter 7. A Ring of Smoke Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 08 Chapter 8. Olympia Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 09 Chapter 9. "Oh, Lyric Love" Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 10 Chapter 10. The Dead Past Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 11 Chapter 11. Storm Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 12 Chapter 12. Midnight London Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 13 Chapter 13. Don Quixote Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 14 Chapter 14. The Magdalen Ashley Sue Murphy
Play 15 Chapter 15. Joanna Traill, Spinster Ashley Sue Murphy