Jim The Story Of A Backwoods Police Dog (And Other Stories)

Sir Charles G. D. ROBERTS (1860 - 1943)

Deputy Sheriff Tug Blackstock wanted a dog to help with his work. As for Jim, at first glance he might almost have been taken for a slim, young black bear rather than a dog. They were a pair, indeed, to strike the most stolid imagination, let alone the sensitive, brooding, watchful imagination of the backwoods. Plus three other stories. - Summary by Story text and David Wales

Genre(s): Nature & Animal Fiction, Published 1900 onward

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Jim The Story Of A Backwoods Police Dog 1 How Woolly Billy Came To Brine's Rip David Wales
Play 02 Jim... 2 The Book Agent And The Buckskin Belt David Wales
Play 03 Jim... 3 The Hole In The Tree David Wales
Play 04 Jim... 4 The Trail Of The Bear David Wales
Play 05 Jim... 5 The Fire At Brine's Rip Mills David Wales
Play 06 Jim... 6 The Man With The Dancing Bear David Wales
Play 07 The Eagle David Wales
Play 08 The Mule David Wales
Play 09 Stripes The Unconcerned David Wales