Jeremy At Crale; His Friends, His Ambitions And His One Great Enemy

Hugh Walpole (1884 - 1941)

This 1927 work is the third and final in Walpole’s Jeremy series. (The others are Jeremy and Jeremy And Hamlet.) Jeremy’s home is in Polchester, a fictional English cathedral town in Walpole’s imagination. In this book Jeremy goes to boarding school.
“Jeremy at Crale [1927] has been my single attempt at a school-story. The genre is not an easy one for the very simple reason that a school-story can be only truly written by a boy who is still at school. It is all very well for us to say that we remember, but the things that we recall are for all of us the same things. There is the further difficulty that the sentiment of a boy's life is compounded of elements very dangerous and difficult for analysis…. The fact is that boys are both little beasts and little heroes, that the age of puberty is the terror of parents and headmasters, and that no one dares to speak frankly, even in these frank days, of what everyone knows to be true. However, these are dangerous matters….” (Walpole) - Summary by Hugh Walpole and david wales

Genre(s): Literary Fiction, Published 1900 onward

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Fortress David Wales
Play 02 House David Wales
Play 03 The War Of The Sheep And The Goats (I) The Picture David Wales
Play 04 Ridley David Wales
Play 05 The Dormouse David Wales
Play 06 The Game Against Raddan David Wales
Play 07 The War Of The Sheep And The Goats (II) The Feast David Wales
Play 08 Interlude: In Parlow's Rooms David Wales
Play 09 Flight Of The Dormouse David Wales
Play 10 Return Of The Dormouse David Wales
Play 11 Dark Days David Wales
Play 12 Visit Of Uncle Samuel David Wales
Play 13 The Upper Ten - And The Lower Five David Wales
Play 14 The War Of The Sheep And The Goats (III) The Fight David Wales
Play 15 Life Begins To-Morrow? David Wales
Play 16 The Match Against Callendar David Wales
Play 17 Night-Piece: House-Supper David Wales