Island Nights' Entertainments

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 - 1894)

A marvelous depiction of two sides of South Sea Islands' life through three separate tales. One, the experience of the incoming British keen to live free and exploit the innocent; the other the supernatural as perceived by Stevenson working in the lives of the natives. One tale carries the germ of the story of Madame Butterfly, since become a part of Western culture. Another is an extraordinary retelling of a German horror story transposed to a South Sea Island setting. The last is an effort of the pure Stevensonian imagination and there can be nothing better. - Summary by TONY ADDISON

Genre(s): Literary Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Beach of Falesa. Chapter One - A south sea bridal. Tony Addison
Play 02 The Beach of Falesa. Chapter Two - The Ban. Tony Addison
Play 03 The Beach of Falesa. Chapter Three - The Missionary. Tony Addison
Play 04 The Beach of Falesa. Chapter Four - Devil-work. Tony Addison
Play 05 The Beach of Falesa. Chapter Five - Night in the bush. Tony Addison
Play 06 The Bottle Imp - Part One Tony Addison
Play 07 The Bottle Imp - Part Two Tony Addison
Play 08 The Isle of Voices Tony Addison