In Brief Authority

F. Anstey (1856 - 1934)

Satiric comedy from 1915 about a nouveau riche British family and their nanny who get whisked off to Maerchenland ('the land of Fairy Tales') one evening in a car drawn by storks. The matron of the family, a thorough snob, is crowned Queen of the country by mistake. She is quick to accept her new position and is determined to introduce British social niceties in her realm. And this really is the land of Fairy Tales, with gnomes, giants, a dragon, magic, a fairy godmother and more. Trouble quickly starts to brew as the royal couple and their son introduce things like capitalism and golf. When gradually a few people find out who should actually have been the new ruler, things get more and more complicated. A bit of romance is thrown into this mixture as well. You'll have to listen to find out whether everyone lives happily ever after.
In the preface and epilogue, the author won't let his audience forget the troubled times in the real world, in the heat of World War I. (Summary by Anna Simon)

Proof-listeners were Rapunzelina and April Gonzales.

Genre(s): Humorous Fiction, Satire, Fantasy Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 01 - Chapter I. "The Skirts of Happy Chance" Anna Simon
Play 02 02 - Chapter II. Rushing to Conclusions Anna Simon
Play 03 03 - Chapter III. Fine Feathers Anna Simon
Play 04 04 - Chapter IV. Crowned Heads Anna Simon
Play 05 05 - Chapter V. Dignity under Difficulties Anna Simon
Play 06 06 - Chapter VI. Cares of State Anna Simon
Play 07 07 - Chapter VII. A Game they did not understand Anna Simon
Play 08 08 - Chapter VIII. "A Steed that knows his Rider" Anna Simon
Play 09 09 - Chapter IX. The Pleasures of the Table Anna Simon
Play 10 10 - Chapter X. The Blonde Beast Anna Simon
Play 11 11 - Chapter XI. A Way Out Anna Simon
Play 12 12 - Chapter XII. Unwelcome Announcements Anna Simon
Play 13 13 - Chapter XIII. What the Pigeon Said Anna Simon
Play 14 14 - Chapter XIV. Bag and Baggage Anna Simon
Play 15 15 - Chapter XV. "Riven with Vain Endeavour" Anna Simon
Play 16 16 - Chapter XVI. "A Cloud that's Dragonish" Anna Simon
Play 17 17 - Chapter XVII. The Reward of Valour Anna Simon
Play 18 18 - Chapter XVIII. A Previous Engagement Anna Simon
Play 19 19 - Chapter XIX. Servants of the Queen Anna Simon
Play 20 20 - Chapter XX. At the End of her Tether Anna Simon
Play 21 21 - Chapter XXI. "Whose Lights are fled, whose Garlands dead" Anna Simon
Play 22 22 - Chapter XXII. Squaring Accounts Anna Simon
Play 23 23 - Epilogue Anna Simon