If I Had a Father

George MacDonald (1824 - 1905)

Arthur Gervaise, a London sculptor, learns too late of his love for a woman, while his absentee father secretly tries to serve and help him. Meanwhile, an old country man searches frantically for his daughter, whose disappearance he suspects Arthur has something to do with. These two fathers' devotion to their adult children causes those around them to reevaluate and elevate their own ideas of fatherhood. - Summary by Devorah Allen

Cast list:
Arthur Gervaise: TriciaG
Colonel Gervaise: Larry Wilson
Warren: Leanne Yau
Constance: Hannah Mary
Waterfield: Son of the Exiles
Mrs. Clifford: Beth Thomas
James: alanmapstone
Mattie: Devorah Allen
Susan: Sonia
Thomas: Phil Benson
Bill: Tomas Peter
Jack: TJ Burns
Jim: Jasmin Salma
Policeman: Craig Franklin
First Boy: DrPGould
Second Boy: Adriana Sacciotto
Third Boy: Eva Davis
Stage Directions: RajVO

Genre(s): Plays

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act I Group 00:55:16
Play 02 Act II Group 00:48:53
Play 03 Act III Group 00:30:24
Play 04 Act IV Group 00:44:40