Humour of the North

Various and Lawrence J. Burpee (1873 - 1946)

Some day an enterprising editor may find time to glean from the whole field of Canadian literature a representative collection of wit and humour. . . . The present little collection obviously makes no such ambitious claim. It embraces, however, what are believed to be representative examples of the work of some of our better-known writers, many of which will no doubt be quite familiar to Canadian readers, but perhaps none the less welcome on that account. (Summary from the Introduction)

Genre(s): Humorous Fiction, Poetry

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 00 Introduction Lawrence J. Burpee Etext Barry Eads
00:02:35 en
Play 01 Poems Joseph Howe Etext Kara Shallenberg
00:04:06 en
Play 02 Stories Thomas Chandler Haliburton Etext Sean Michael Hogan
00:09:40 en
Play 03 Poems William Henry Drummond Etext Sean Michael Hogan
00:14:27 en
Play 04 Japanese Reporter, The Sara Jeannette Duncan Etext TriciaG
00:13:05 en
Play 05 Linnet, The James McCarroll Etext Barry Eads
00:01:37 en
Play 06 Poems George Thomas Lanigan Etext SunshinePaul
00:13:33 en
Play 07 Fables George Thomas Lanigan Etext Neeru Iyer
00:09:21 en
Play 08 Senator's Laundry, The James De Mille Etext Diana Majlinger
00:13:53 en