How to Write a Novel


I address myself to the man or woman of talent—those people who have writing ability, but who need instruction in the manipulation of characters, the formation of plots, and a host of other points with which I shall deal hereafter. Although no school could turn out novelists to order there is yet enough common material in all art-work to be mapped out in a course of lessons. I shall show that the two great requisites of novel-writing are (1) a good story to tell, and (2) ability to tell it effectively. Briefly stated, my position is this: no teaching can produce "good stories to tell," but it can increase the power of "the telling," and change it from crude and ineffective methods to those which reach the apex of developed art. - Summary from the preface

Genre(s): *Non-fiction, Writing & Linguistics

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Object in View Brett W. Downey
Play 02 A Good Story to Tell Brett W. Downey
Play 03 How to Begin Brett W. Downey
Play 04 Characters and Characterisation Brett W. Downey
Play 05 Studies in Literary Technique Brett W. Downey
Play 06 Studies in Literary Technique--Continued Brett W. Downey
Play 07 Pitfalls & The Secret of Style Brett W. Downey
Play 08 How Authors Work Brett W. Downey
Play 09 Is the Subject-Matter of Novels Exhausted Brett W. Downey
Play 10 The Novel v. The Short Story & Success: And Some of Its Minor Conditions Brett W. Downey