History Plays for the Grammar Grades

Mary Ella Lyng

A charming collection of 14 short American history plays for the very young - ranging from Christopher Columbus to George Washington to Susan B Anthony. (Summary by Maria Therese)

Narrator; First Maid of Honor; Second Woman: Availle
Narrator; Queen Isabella; Pocohantus: CaprishaPage
Columbus; First Merchant; Blount; Squanto; Robert E. Lee: Tom Causby
Wise Man; Captain Newport; King; Court; People; Richard Henry Lee; Californians; Auctioneer; Union Soldier: Libby Gohn
Luis; John Smith; William Penn; Noble; First Woman; First Boy; British General; Men; Secretary to the President; Mr. President; Abraham Lincoln; Soldier: Charlotte Duckett
Second Merchant: Courtier; Officer: Aidan Brack
Powhatan; William Penn, Sr; Second Maid of Honor; Samoset; Third Boy; Father Gibault; Senator Benton; Ezekiel Webster; Wise Man of Spain: Maria Therese
Walter Raleigh; Bradford; Young George Washington; Second Man of the House; Mr. Sherman; Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Elizabeth Klett
Queen Elizabeth: Verity Kendall
Indian Chief; Second Man: rookieblue
Francis Drake; Governor Carter; Benjamin Franklin: Nathanial W.C. Higgins
Man; First Man; Second Boy; Robert Livingston; Father; Mr. Seward: bala
Narrator; Susan B. Anthony: Victoria Martin
People; Third Man of the House; General Scott; Mr. Haynes: Kristingj
Standish: Thomas Jefferson; George Rogers Clark; Andrew Jackson; President Van Buren; Henry Clay; John Hanks; Ulysses S. Grant: Amanda Friday
Brewster; Mr. Hancock; General Flores; Officer: David Olson
Narrator; One of the Girls: Pamela Krantz
Mrs. Washington: Brittania
Fourth Boy; Speaker; Member of the House: Frances Brown
Patrick Henry: Grace
Men of the House; Other Man; Member of Congress: TriciaG
John Adams; John Fremont; John Calhoun: Arielle Lipshaw
Older George Washington: Delmar H. Dolbier
Daniel Webster: nomorejeffs

Audio edited by: Maria Therese; Hugh Gillis; Elizabeth Klett and Arielle Lipshaw

Genre(s): Historical, General, Drama

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Christopher Columbus Group 00:07:19
Play 02 John Smith and Pocahantus Group 00:03:35
Play 03 Sir Walter Raleigh Group 00:04:04
Play 04 William Penn Group 00:02:34
Play 05 Sir Francis Drake Group 00:04:26
Play 06 Pilgrims Group 00:04:39
Play 07 George Washington and Other Heroes of the Revolution Group 00:13:06
Play 08 George Rogers Clark Group 00:02:41
Play 09 Andrew Jackson Group 00:07:54
Play 10 John C. Fremont Group 00:07:26
Play 11 Webster, Clay and Calhoun Group 00:18:48
Play 12 The Story of Abraham Lincoln Group 00:05:49
Play 13 Grant and Lee Group 00:05:54
Play 14 Some Women of History Maria Therese
Frances Brown