History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century, Volume 1

Jean-Henri Merle d'Aubigné (1794 - 1872)
Translated by Henry Beveridge (1837 - 1929)

The History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century, by Jean-Henri Merle d’Aubigné, is a classic work on the great events that re-opened the Christian gospel to a needy world. It tells of how the twenty-year-old Martin Luther, browsing through books in the library at the University of Erfurt, takes down from the shelf a particular volume that has caught his interest. He has never seen anything like it. It is a Bible! He is astonished to find in this volume so much more than the fragments of gospels and epistles that were selected for public reading in churches. He had believed that these constituted all there was of the word of God. But here he has discovered, in its entirety, the inspired book from which they came. And it was this discovery, in a dusty university library, that changed the course of history.

D’Aubigné tells the story of outstanding people who had a love for God and his word, and who dared to present biblical truths which had been obscured for centuries. The book has helped and encouraged Christians through difficult times, and given them an understanding of the background from which our freedom in the faith has come.

The author was a Swiss Protestant pastor. He was also a historian with a great understanding of the Bible, along with a broad and deep knowledge of the Reformation. This great work of his is made up of five volumes. Volume 1, the subject of this recording, comprises four books: Book 1 – State of Matters before the Reformation; Book 2 – Youth, Conversion, and First Labours of Luther (1483-1517); Book 3 – The Indulgences and Theses; Book 4 – Luther before the Legate (May-December 1518).

Genre(s): Early Modern, Christianity - Other

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface to the Last Edition Christopher Smith
Play 01 Book 1: State of Matters before the Reformation: Chapter 1: Christianity—Formation of the Papacy—Unity of the Church—The Decretals—Hildebrand—Corruption of Doctrine Christopher Smith
Play 02 Book 1: Chapter 2: Grace and Works—Pelagianism—Penances—Indulgences—Supererogation—Purgatory—Taxation—Jubilee Christopher Smith
Play 03 Book 1: Chapter 3: Relics—Easter Merriment—Corruption of the Clergy—A Priest's Family—Education—Ignorance Christopher Smith
Play 04 Book 1: Chapter 4: Christianity Imperishable—Opposition to Rome—Frederick the Wise—His Character—His Anticipation Christopher Smith
Play 05 Book 1: Chapter 5: The Empire—National Character—Switzerland—Italy—Spain—Portugal—France—Netherlands—England—Scotland—The North—Russia—Poland—Bohemia—Hungary Christopher Smith
Play 06 Book 1: Chapter 6: State of Theology—Witnesses for the Truth—The Vaudois—Wickliffe—-Huss—Savonarola—John Wessel—Prolés Christopher Smith
Play 07 Book 1: Chapter 7: Literature—Dante—Printing—Reuchlin—His Struggle with the Dominicans Christopher Smith
Play 08 Book 1: Chapter 8: Erasmus—His Genius—His 'Praise of Folly'—His Greek Testament—His Influence—His Failings Christopher Smith
Play 09 Book 1: Chapter 9: The Nobles—Hütten—'Letters of some Obscure Men'—Seckingen—Cronberg—Hans Sachs—General Fermentation Christopher Smith
Play 10 Book 2: Youth, Conversion and First Labours of Luther (1483-1517): Chapter 1: Luther—His Parentage—The Paternal Roof—Strict Discipline—School—The Shunammite—His Studies—University Christopher Smith
Play 11 Book 2: Chapter 2: Scholasticism and the Classics—Luther's Piety—His Discovery of a Bible—His Sickness—The Thunderstorm—His Entrance into a Convent Christopher Smith
Play 12 Book 2: Chapter 3: His Father's Anger—Servile Employments—His Studies—The Bible—Hebrew and Greek—His Agony during Mass—Faints Christopher Smith
Play 13 Book 2: Chapter 4: Staupitz—His Piety—His Visitation—His Conversation—Presents Luther with a Bible—The Old Monk—Luther's Consecration—His Call to Wittemberg Christopher Smith
Play 14 Book 2: Chapter 5: The University of Wittemberg—Luther's First Employment—Biblical Lectures—Preaching at Wittemberg—The Old Chapel Christopher Smith
Play 15 Book 2: Chapter 6: Luther's Journey to Rome—A Convent on the Po—Luther's Behaviour at Rome—Corruption of the Romish Clergy—Prevailing Immorality—Pilate's Staircase Christopher Smith
Play 16 Book 2: Chapter 7: Doctor's Degree—Carlstadt—Luther's Oath—First Views of Reformation—The Schoolmen—Spalatin Christopher Smith
Play 17 Book 2: Chapter 8: 'Popular Declamations'—Moral Purity of Luther—Mysticism—Spenlein—Justification by Faith—Necessity of Works Christopher Smith
Play 18 Book 2: Chapter 9: First Theses—Visit to the Convents—Dresden—Erfurt—Tornator Peace and the Cross—Labours—The Plague Christopher Smith
Play 19 Book 2: Chapter 10: Luther and the Elector—Duke George—Luther at Court—Dinner at Court - Emser's Supper Christopher Smith
Play 20 Book 2: Chapter 11: Theses—Human Nature—Rationalism—Eck—Urban Regius—Luther's Modesty Christopher Smith
Play 21 Book 3: The Indulgences and Theses (1517, 1518): Chapter 1: Cortège—Tezel—His Discourse—Sale of Indulgences—Public Penance—Letter of Indulgence—Feasting and Debauchery Christopher Smith
Play 22 Book 3: Chapter 2: The Soul in the Burying-Ground—Shoemaker of Hagenau—Myconius—Stratagem—Miner of Schneeberg Christopher Smith
Play 23 Book 3: Chapter 3:Leo X—His Necessities—Albert—His Character—Franciscans and Dominicans Christopher Smith
Play 24 Book 3: Chapter 4: Tezel Approaches—Luther in the Confessional—Tezel's Rage—Luther's Discourse—The Elector's Dream Christopher Smith
Play 25 Book 3: Chapter 5: Luther's Theses—Letter to Albert—Dissemination of the Theses Christopher Smith
Play 26 Book 3: Chapter 6: Reuchlin—Erasmus—Flek—Bibra—The Emperor—The Pope—Myconius—The Monks—Adelman—An Old Priest—Bishop of Brandenburg—Luther's Moving Principle Christopher Smith
Play 27 Book 3: Chapter 7: Tezel's Attack—Luther's Reply—Luther and Spalatin—Study of Scripture—Scheurl and Luther—Luther pleads for the People—A new Suit Christopher Smith
Play 28 Book 3: Chapter 8: Disputation at Frankfort—Tezel's Theses—Knipstrow—Luther's Theses burnt—Tezel's Theses burnt Christopher Smith
Play 29 Book 3: Chapter 9: Prierio—His Dialogue—Luther's Reply—Hochstraten—Eck—'The Obelisks'—'The Asterisks' Christopher Smith
Play 30 Book 3: Chapter 10: Popular Writings—Lord's Prayer—Sermon on Repentance Christopher Smith
Play 31 Book 3: Chapter 11: Apprehensions of Luther's Friends—Journey to Heidelberg—Bibra—The Palatinate Castle—The Paradoxes—Bucer—Brentz—Snepf—The Old Professor Christopher Smith
Play 32 Book 4: Luther before the Legate (May-December 1518): Chapter 1: 'Solutions'—Leo X—Luther to the Bishop—To the Pope—To the Vicar-General—Rovere to the Elector—Discourse on Excommunication Christopher Smith
Play 33 Book 4: Chapter 2: Diet of Augsburg—The Emperor to the Pope—Luther cited to Rome—Luther's Peace—Intercession of the University—Papal Brief—The Pope to the Elector Christopher Smith
Play 34 Book 4: Chapter 3: Schwarzerd—His Wife—Philip Melancthon—His Genius—His Studies—Call to Wittemberg—Leipsic—Parallel between Luther and Melancthon—Education Christopher Smith
Play 35 Book 4: Chapter 4: Luther and Staupitz—Order to Appear—Luther's Departure for Augsburg—Weimar—Nuremberg Christopher Smith
Play 36 Book 4: Chapter 5: Arrival at Augsburg—De Vio—Serra-Longa—Safe-Conduct—Luther to Melancthon Christopher Smith
Play 37 Book 4: Chapter 6: First Appearance—Conditions of Rome—Propositions to Retract—Luther's Reply—Impressions on both Sides—Arrival of Staupitz Christopher Smith
Play 38 Book 4: Chapter 7: Communication to the Legate—Second Appearance—Luther's Declaration—The Legate's Reply—The Legate's Volubility—Luther's Request Christopher Smith
Play 39 Book 4: Chapter 8: Third Appearance—Treasury of Indulgences—Humble Request—Legate's Rage—Luther Retires Christopher Smith
Play 40 Book 4: Chapter 9: De Vio and Staupitz—Staupitz and Luther—Luther and Spalatin Communion—Departure of Staupitz and Link—Luther to Cajetan—Luther's Departure—Appeal to the Pope Christopher Smith
Play 41 Book 4: Chapter 10: Luther's Flight—Luther's Wish—The Legate to the Elector—The Elector to the Legate—Prosperity of the University Christopher Smith
Play 42 Book 4: Chapter 11: Thoughts of Departure—Adieus to the Church—Critical Moment—Luther's Courage—Discontentment at Rome—Papal Bull—Appeal to a Council Christopher Smith