History of Florence and of the Affairs of Italy, Vol. 2

Niccolò MACHIAVELLI (1469 - 1527), translated by UNKNOWN ( - )

History of Florence and of the Affairs of Italy is an historical account by Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527). Toward the end of 1520, the Cardinal Giulio of Medici, later Pope Clement VII, offered Machiavelli the appointment to write a history of Florence. Although Machiavelli was reluctant to accept, accepting was at that time his only possible way to regain the good graces of the Medici. Doing the history also provided a way for Machiavelli’s views to become the “official” history of Florentine and Italian affairs. Once completed, the work was presented officially to Giulio, now Pope, in May of 1526. The translator is unknown, but the copyright has been cleared by Wikipedia. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia by Karen Merline.)

Genre(s): Middle Ages/Middle History

Language: English

Group: History of Florence

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Bk 5 Ch 1: The military factions of Sforza and Braccio MorganScorpion
Play 02 Bk 5 Ch 2: Rene of Anjou and Alfonso of Aragon aspire to the kingdom MorganScorpion
Play 03 Bk 5 Ch 3: The Florentines go to war with Lucca kayo
Play 04 Bk 5 Ch 4: Niccolo Piccinino, in concert with the duke of Milan, deceives the pope Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
Play 05 Bk 5 Ch 5: Francesco Sforza marches to assist the Venetians MorganScorpion
Play 06 Bk 5 Ch 6: The pope imprisons the cardinal and assists the Florentines MorganScorpion
Play 07 Bk 5 Ch 7: Brescia relieved by Sforza MorganScorpion
Play 08 Bk 6 Ch 1: Reflections on the object of war and the use of victory Nicholas Clifford
Play 09 Bk 6 Ch 2: Discords of Florence Nicholas Clifford
Play 10 Bk 6 Ch 3: Death of Filippo Visconti, duke of Milan Nicholas Clifford
Play 11 Bk 6 Ch 4: League of the Venetians and Milanese Nichelle von Lauder
Play 12 Bk 6 Ch 5: League between the new duke of Milan and the Florentines MorganScorpion
Play 13 Bk 6 Ch 6: Conspiracy of Stefano Porcari against the papal government MorganScorpion
Play 14 Bk 6 Ch 7: Christendom alarmed by the progress of the Turks Kalynda
Play 15 Bk 7 Ch 1: Connection of the other Italian governments with the history of Florence Sibella Denton
Play 16 Bk 7 Ch 2: The duke of Milan becomes lord of Genoa Sibella Denton
Play 17 Bk 7 Ch 3: Niccolo Soderini drawn Gonfalonier of Justice Sibella Denton
Play 18 Bk 7 Ch 4: War between the Venetians and the Florentines Sibella Denton
Play 19 Bk 7 Ch 5: Bernardo takes possession of Prato Sibella Denton
Play 20 Bk 7 Ch 6: Origin of the animosity between Sixtus IV. and Lorenzo de' Medici ontheroad
Play 21 Bk 8 Ch 1: State of the family of the Medici at Florence ontheroad
Play 22 Bk 8 Ch 2: Giuliano de' Medici slain--Lorenzo escapes ontheroad
Play 23 Bk 8 Ch 3: The Florentines prepare for war against the pope MorganScorpion
Play 24 Bk 8 Ch 4: The duke of Calabria routs the Florentine army at Poggibonzi MorganScorpion
Play 25 Bk 8 Ch 5: The king of Naples and the Florentines attack the papal states MorganScorpion
Play 26 Bk 8 Ch 6: Affairs of the pope Kalynda
Play 27 Bk 8 Ch 7: The Pope becomes attached to the Florentines Sibella Denton