Henry VI, Part 1

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Henry VI, Part 1 or The First Part of Henry the Sixth (often written as 1 Henry VI) is a history play by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in 1591, and set during the lifetime of King Henry VI of England. Whereas 2 Henry VI deals with the King's inability to quell the bickering of his nobles, and the inevitability of armed conflict, and 3 Henry VI deals with the horrors of that conflict, 1 Henry VI deals with the loss of England's French territories and the political machinations leading up to the Wars of the Roses, as the English political system is torn apart by personal squabbles and petty jealousy. (Summary by Wikipedia)

Basset/Messenger/Queen Margaret/Second Sentinel/Second Serving Man: Elizabeth Klett
Bastard of Orleans/Master Gunner/General: lennich
Boy/First Soldier/Officer/Scout/Sir William Lucy/Soldier: Christine Blachford
Captain/Second Warder/Third Serving Man: Ty Unglebower
Charles, King of France: peac
Countess of Auvergne: Maria Therese
Duke of Alencon: kenrg
Duke of Bedford: Robert Mitchell
Duke of Burgundy: Sandra G
Duke of Exeter: Andy Minter
Duke of Gloucester: Sean Randall
Duke of Somerset: Readalot
Earl of Salisbury: Michael Irskens
Earl of Suffolk: Frank Booker
Earl of Warwick: Mark F. Smith
Edmund Mortimer: Bruce Pirie
First Gaoler/Lawyer/Legate/Lord Talbot/Watch/Woodvile: Algy Pug
First Sentinel/First Serving Man: John Fricker
First Warder/Sir John Fastolfe: Dale Burgess
Henry VI: Arielle Lipshaw
Joan La Pucelle: Nadine Eckert-Boulet
John Talbot: ravenotation
Lord Mayor of London: Martin Geeson
Porter: Lucy Perry
Reignier: Lars Rolander
Richard Plantagenet: David Goldfarb
Sergeant: Veggrower
Servant: Eden
Shepherd: Aldor
Sir William Glansdale: Aidan Brack
Sir Thomas Gargrave: Ric F
Vernon: David Lawrence
Winchester: Jason Mills
Narrator: Roseanne Schmidt

Audio edited by: Elizabeth Klett

Genre(s): Plays

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Dramatis Personae Group 00:03:36
Play 02 Act 1 Group 00:36:10
Play 03 Act 2 Group 00:27:59
Play 04 Act 3 Group 00:27:55
Play 05 Act 4 Group 00:32:44
Play 06 Act 5 Group 00:31:32