Harper's Young People, Vol. 01, Issue 17, Feb. 24, 1880


Harper's Young People, an illustrated weekly publication for children, includes delightful serialized and one-off short stories and tales from history, poetry, puzzles, and other fun. This 17th issue of the serial, published on February 24, 1880, features stories of a fishing misadventure rewarded, a good deed gone wrong, a lost and found gold thimble, a bottomless sack and unlimited purse, and many more. This periodical was published by Harper & Brothers, known today for their other publications Harper's Bazaar and Harper's Magazine. - Summary by Jill Engle

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Children's Non-fiction

Language: English

Group: Harper's Young People

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Tracking a Buried River Wayne Cooke
Play 02 Biddy O'Dolon: Chapter I Lynda Marie Neilson
Play 03 New York Prisons in 1776-77 Larry Wilson
Play 04 Zachur with the Sack KevinS
Play 05 The Difference; A Peep into Royal Treasuries; Winged Freebooters Wayne Cooke
Play 06 Uncle Phil's Thimble April6090
Play 07 Life On Board a Training-Ship April6090
Play 08 Our Post-Office Box BettyB
Play 09 Advertisements; Fire-Fly Game; A School in Morocco; The Chicken Puzzle; Charade BettyB