Harper's Young People, Vol. 01, Issue 16, Feb. 17, 1880


Harper's Young People was an illustrated weekly publication for children includes delightful serialized and one-off short stories, tales from history, poetry, puzzles and fun. This 16th issue of the serial, published on February 17, 1880, features stories of a baby saved from a flood, a lesson in the evils of shoplifting, a profile of the wild boar, a beloved child lost and then found with aid from birds, and much, much more. This serial was published by Harper & Brothers, known today for their other publications Harper's Bazaar and Harper's Magazine. Summary by Jill Engle

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Children's Non-fiction, Short Stories

Language: English

Group: Harper's Young People

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 General Prescott and the Yankee Boy; Climbing a Mountain Three Miles High; The Gold Diggings of Ireland Peter Kenda
Play 02 The Story of the Summer Boarder, Moses, and the Two Visitors Sally Sharpe
Play 03 The Fairy Painters; A Wide-Awake Russian Sentry Goodbytes
Play 04 The Song of the Wren Susie White
Play 05 Wild Boars Larry Wilson
Play 06 Taking--Not Stealing Diana Schmidt
Play 07 The First Valentine; The King's Baby; George Washington Josh Kibbey
Play 08 Our Post-Office Box BettyB
Play 09 Advertisements; Too Fat and Too Thin; The Ribbon Dance; A Cause for Worriment; Search, if you likeā€¦; Broken Rhymes; Shadows of Great Men BettyB