Ghost Story Collection 003


A collection of ten pieces, read by various readers, about the unreal edges of this world in legend and story; tales of love, death and beyond. If just one story prickles the hair on the back of your neck, or prickles your eyelids with the touch of tears, we will have succeeded.

Genre(s): Horror & Supernatural Fiction

Language: English

Group: Short Ghost and Horror Story Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 An Astral Onion Elia Wilkinson Peattie Etext Betsie Bush
00:16:31 en
Play 02 The Chromatic Ghosts of Thomas Ellis Parker Butler Etext Denny Sayers (d. 2015)
00:26:52 en
Play 03 Glamis Castle Elliott O'Donnell Etext Peter Yearsley
00:34:36 en
Play 04 The Haunted Orchard Richard le Gallienne Etext Peter Yearsley
00:21:17 en
Play 05 On the Northern Ice Elia Wilkinson Peattie Etext Betsie Bush
00:10:33 en
Play 06 Phantom Arnold Bennett Etext William Coon
00:28:28 en
Play 07 The Return of Imray Rudyard Kipling Etext Moira Fogarty
00:25:52 en
Play 08 Since I Died Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Etext Charlene Harris
00:19:19 en
Play 09 The Withered Arm Thomas Hardy Etext Beth Peat
00:59:25 en
Play 10 The Yellow Wallpaper Charlotte Perkins Gilman Etext jaggO
00:41:20 en