Geraldine Jewsbury in Jerrold's Shilling Magazine, 1846-47

Geraldine Jewsbury (1812 - 1880)

'The most striking feature in the present day, far more than that of railways even, is the utter chaos into which all previously received principles and opinions are reduced'. So begins 'Today', the first in a series of five pieces of social commentary written by Geraldine Jewsbury for Jerrold's Shilling Magazine. Jewsbury would go on to be a prolific contributor to The Atheneum and Household Words. Published shortly after her first novel, 'Zoe', these early pieces include several strongly argued polemics on the sufferings of women and servants in industrial England and advance her lifelong philosophy of the importance of mutual care. - Summary by Phil Benson

Genre(s): Single Author Collections

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Today Phil Benson
Play 02 Things of Importance Phil Benson
Play 03 Social Barbarisms: Hiring a Servant Phil Benson
Play 04 How Agnes Worral was Taught to be Respectable Phil Benson
Play 05 How Agnes Worral was Taught to be Respectable (continued) Phil Benson
Play 06 The Lower Orders Phil Benson
Play 07 Civilization of the Lower Orders Phil Benson