Gabriel and the Hour Book

Evaleen STEIN (1863 - 1923)

Brother Stephen has the heart of an artist and wishes to leave the abbey to travel and see the world. However, King Louis has decreed that an "hour book" be made for his bride, Lady Anne, which in turn causes the Abbott to refuse Brother Stephen's request to leave the brotherhood as his illuminations are the most beautiful, and as such, he desires that Brother Stephen should be the one to make the hour book. This decision angers Brother Stephen. Will Brother Stephen stay at the abbey and carry out his task or will he refuse and bring about a ban against him, a serious matter indeed. Or will he choose to stay? And how does Gabriel, the little colour grinder with such a beautiful disposition help him to decide? (Summary by Laura Victoria)

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Historical Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Little Colour Grinder Laura Victoria
Play 02 Brother Stephen's Inspiration Laura Victoria
Play 03 Gabriel Interviews the Abbott Laura Victoria
Play 04 The Hour Book Laura Victoria
Play 05 The Count's Tax Laura Victoria
Play 06 Gabriel's Prayer Laura Victoria
Play 07 The Book Goes to Lady Anne Laura Victoria
Play 08 08 - Lady Anne Writes to the King Laura Victoria
Play 09 The King's Messenger Laura Victoria
Play 10 Gabriel's Christmas Laura Victoria
Play 11 The King's Illuminator Laura Victoria