Five Lectures on Blindness

Kate M. Foley

The [five] lectures were written primarily to be delivered at the summer sessions of the University of California, at Berkeley and at Los Angeles, in the summer of 1918. . . they are the outgrowth of almost a quarter of a century spent in work for the blind, and were written from the standpoint of a blind person, seeking to better the condition of the blind. They were addressed not to the blind, but to the seeing public, for the benefit that will accrue to the blind from a better understanding of their problems. (Extract from the Forward by Milton J. Ferguson)

Genre(s): Essays & Short Works

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Foreword Yazpistachio
Play 01 The pyschology of blindness Yazpistachio
Play 02 The blind child and its development Yazpistachio
Play 03 The re-education of the blind adult Yazpistachio
Play 04 The attitude of the public towards the blind Matthew Reece
Play 05 Prevention of blindness Matthew Reece