Five Children and It (Dramatic Reading)

E. Nesbit (1858 - 1924)

Finding a Psammead (sand-fairy) to grant any wish your heart desires seems like the beginning of endless delights, but as Cyril, Anthea, Robert and Jane soon discover, being beautiful, wealthy and popular can have surprising pitfalls! When it comes to wishing they had wings, lived in a besieged castle or to fight Red Indians in the English countryside, the results of their wishes lead to hilarious narrow escapes and (usually) being sent to bed.

"Five Children and It" is the first of the three "Psammead" books by Edith Nesbit, introducing the irascible sand fairy who uses the children's wishes to teach them lessons about life. This dramatised reading brings the four children and their friend vividly to life!

Cast List:

Narrator: Beth Thomas
Anthea: Kristin Gjerløw
Jane: Rachel
Cyril: Charlotte Duckett
Mother: Laurie Anne Walden
Robert: Lydia
The Lamb: Zames Curran
Psammead: Rob Board
Martha: Sonia
Other roles read by: Maggie Travers, K. Adrian Stroat, Matthew Travers, Mike Justice, Peter Yearsley, K. Adrian Stroat, Peter Eastman, Andrew Travers, Jennifer Fournier, Jessie Yun, Elizabeth Travers, Joseph Tabler, Mark Chulsky, Twinkle, Dillon McFarlane and ToddHW

Edited by Kristin Gjerløw

Genre(s): Children's Fiction, Dramatic Readings, Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dedication and Dramatis Personae Group 00:03:23
Play 01 Beautiful as the Day Group 00:35:26
Play 02 Golden Guineas Group 00:31:49
Play 03 Being Wanted Group 00:35:44
Play 04 Wings Group 00:32:08
Play 05 No Wings Group 00:16:26
Play 06 A Castle and No Dinner Group 00:22:33
Play 07 A Siege and Bed Group 00:18:30
Play 08 Bigger than the Baker's Boy Group 00:31:49
Play 09 Grown Up Group 00:23:46
Play 10 Scalps Group 00:24:26
Play 11 The Last Wish Group 00:23:54