'Farewell, Nikola'

Guy Boothby (1867 - 1905)

Farewell Nikola is the fifth and last novel of the Dr Nikola series. We are reacquainted with Richard "Dick" Hatteras, former South Seas adventurer and Roustabout who clashed with Dr Nicola in “A Bid for Fortune". He is now Sir Richard Hatteras and firmly married. He is taking a long sojourn with his wife and companions in Venice, where quite by chance (or is it ?) he bumps into Dr Nikola, who despite their stormy past, is the height of affability. He is still suave, cosmopolitan, cultivated and just as unscrupulous as he ever was. We discover that Nikola lives alone in Venice in a dilapidated palace with a macabre history. Hatteras is drawn once more into a tangled web spun by Dr Nikola who reveals something of his own past and presents a side of himself that we have never seen. He still regards himself above all laws, and follows his own strange code of conduct. If you thought that words like empathy, compassion, contrition would never have featured in the lexicon of Dr Nicola then be prepared for a surprise. - Summary by Peter Keeble

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction

Language: English

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