Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 7: Winning His Way

Frank Tousey (1853 - 1902)

The recent death of Frank Morris' father, Owner and Editor of the Green River Argus, has left his 18 year-old son, Frank to take up the challenge of running the paper. In the months preceding his death, Frank's father had hired a man, Mr. Jebb, to run the paper in his absence. Unfortunately Mr. Jebb had purposefully mishandled the paper to diminish its value so the local powerhead, Squire Roach, could purchase it at a bargain. Now Frank needs his wits, ingenuity, and salesmanship to help the Argus to regain its stature in the community. (Summary by Keith Salis)

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction, Action & Adventure

Language: English

Group: Fame and Fortune Weekly

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Ch 1 In which Frank Morris becomes the Youngest Editor in Green River Keith Salis
Play 02 Ch 2 In which Frank Learns of the Perfidy of Mr. Jebb Keith Salis
Play 03 Ch 3 In which Frank Assumes Control of the Green River Argus Keith Salis
Play 04 Ch 4 In which Frank Morris and Dan Harwood Start the Ball Rolling Keith Salis
Play 05 Ch 5 In which Duncan Roach Visits the Argus Office Keith Salis
Play 06 Ch 6 In which Elsie Gray, Mr. Dabbleton, an Advance Agent, and Judge Smith Enliven the Argus Office Keith Salis
Play 07 Ch 7 In which Frank Gets a Large Contract for Printing from a Local Manufactory Keith Salis
Play 08 Ch 8 In which Frank Proposes a New Scheme to Boom the Argus Keith Salis
Play 09 Ch 9 In which Frank Receives a Note Bearing the Signature of a Young Lady in whom He is Greatly Interested Keith Salis
Play 10 Ch 10 In which Frank Morris Gets a Roasting Keith Salis
Play 11 Ch 11 In which Frank Takes a Manly Revenge on Duncan Roach Keith Salis
Play 12 Ch 12 In which Prosperity Begins to Set Toward the Green River Argus Keith Salis
Play 13 Ch 13 In which Squire Roach Finds out that Mr. Jebb is Boss of the Situation Keith Salis
Play 14 Ch 14 In which Mr. Jebb and His Friend Robinson Owe Their Lives to Frank Morris Keith Salis
Play 15 Ch 15 In which Frank Scores a "Beat" on the Times and Has another Visit from Elsie Gray Keith Salis
Play 16 Ch 16 In which it is Hoped Everything is Settled to the Reader's Satisifaction Keith Salis