Fame and Fortune Weekly No. 11: A Lucky Penny

Frank Tousey (1853 - 1902)

Tom Garland is a young man in Boston who is sent to learn a trade at an Industrial Farm near the bay. There he meets another young man who's lame, Dick Rogers, and they become lifelong chums. When Tom learns of a couple of dastardly plots against both him and Dick, he plans their escape. Tom and Dick continue to succeed through courage and Providence against many difficult situations, the symbol of which is a lucky penny of Tom's. (Summary by Keith Salis)

Genre(s): Action & Adventure

Language: English

Group: Fame and Fortune Weekly

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Ch 1 In which Tom Garland Makes a Stanch Friend Keith Salis
Play 02 Ch 2 In which Tom Learns Something about the Internal Arrangements of the Industrial Farm Keith Salis
Play 03 Ch 3 In which Tom Takes His First Lesson at the Case Keith Salis
Play 04 Ch 4 In which Tom Escorts Miss Fanny Wickes to the Matinee Keith Salis
Play 05 Ch 5 In which Tom Experiences a Rude Shock Keith Salis
Play 06 Ch 6 In which Tom Overhears a Diabolical Scheme Keith Salis
Play 07 Ch 7 In which Tom Prevents an Awful Crime Keith Salis
Play 08 Ch 8 In which Tom Garland and Dick Rogers Bid Good-bye to the Industrial Farm Keith Salis
Play 09 Ch 9 In which Tom Garland Performs an Heroic Act Keith Salis
Play 10 Ch 10 The Lucky Penny Keith Salis
Play 11 Ch 11 In which the Lucky Penny Proves Its Right to that Title Keith Salis
Play 12 Ch 12 In which Tom and Dick Spend a Very Pleasant Evening at the Rockwell Home Keith Salis
Play 13 Ch 13 In which Tom Ascribes all His Good Fortune to the Lucky Penny Keith Salis
Play 14 Ch 14 In which Tom Engages in a Speculation in Boxwood Keith Salis
Play 15 Ch 15 In which Dick Falls into the Hands of Dr. Hawke Again Keith Salis
Play 16 Ch 16 In which Everything Comes out All Right Keith Salis