A Holy Day in 1495. Join the crowd streaming towards a temporary outdoor stage and be entertained (and maybe even instructed) by a performance of Everyman by the Guild of LibriVox Readers.

Cast:(in order of appearance)
Narrator - Annise
Messenger - Elli
God - Neeru Iyer
Death - Denny Sayers
Everyman - Bob Shearman
Fellowship - Tricia G
Cousin - Chris Caron
Kindred - David Lawrence
Goods - Elizabeth Klett
Good-Deeds - Marian Martin
Strength - David Cole
Discretion - Laurie Anne Walden
Five-Wits - Barry Eads
Beauty - Lucy Perry
Knowledge - Arielle Lipshaw
Confession - Ruth Golding
Angel - Kalynda
Doctor - Cori Samuel

"Let the Play Begin" (summary by Annise)

Genre(s): Plays, Religious Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Everyman Group 00:51:32