Benito Pérez Galdós (1843 - 1920)
Translated by Charles Alfred Turrell (1875 - 1961)

Originally staged in the Teatro Español in 1901, Electra is a controversial Spanish drama that documents the trials and tribulations of its innocent heroine. Electra is a young woman of unknown parentage who is raised in a convent in France and, after the death of her mother Eleuteria, adopted by her aunt and uncle. Electra soon falls in love with the scientist Maximo, but an intricate web of rumors and lies threatens to ruin their relationship. In this play, Benito Pérez Galdós tackles a number of hot-button themes: fanaticism, superstition, social justice, rationalism, and the powers of science. - Summary by ChuckW

Cast list:
Electra: Amanda Friday
Evarista, wife of Don Urbano: Sarah Terry
Maximo: KHand
Don Salvador Pantoja: Negatron
The Marquis of Ronda: ToddHW
Don Leonardo Cuesta, a broker: Anthony
Don Urbano Garcia Yuste: Phil Schempf
Mariano, assistant in the laboratory: Eden Rea-Hedrick
Gil, a mathematician: Availle
Balbina, an old servant: Etel Buss
Patros, a young servant: CJ Plog
Jose, an old manservant: om123
Sister Dorotea: Beth Thomas
A Workman: David Olson
The Shade of Eleuteria: Mary Kay

Narrator: Rapunzelina
Editor: ToddHW

Genre(s): Tragedy

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act I Group 00:55:24
Play 02 Act II Group 00:43:26
Play 03 Act III Group 00:43:46
Play 04 Act IV Group 00:44:13
Play 05 Act V Group 00:24:47