Easy Lessons in Einstein

Edwin E. Slosson (1865 - 1929)

Published in 1920, Slosson’s Easy Lessons in Einstein is one of the first popularizations of Einstein’s theory of relativity. This book is meant to convey to the general reader the ideas of relativity in non-mathematical terms, by the use of thought experiments and pop-cultural references of the day. This edition also includes a short article by Einstein on Time, Space and Gravitation. (Summary by JoeD)

Genre(s): *Non-fiction, Nature, Astronomy, Physics & Mechanics

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 A Prefatorial Dialogue, A New View of Gravitation Availle
Play 02 Contradictory Experiments, The Conundrum of the Ages J. M. Smallheer
Play 03 Paradoxes of Relativity, Are You Sure of Your Shape? Guero
Play 04 Introducing the Fourth Dimension, Time as the Fouth Dimension Tom Crawford
Play 05 A Worm’s-Eye View of the World, Turning Time Backward, the Metaphysics of the Movies Adrian Wheal
Play 06 The Egocentric Theory of the Universe Adrian Wheal
Play 07 Non-Euclidean Geometry, Some Simple Examples Availle
Play 08 The Eclipse Observations Tom Crawford
Play 09 Who is Einstein? How to Lose Weight, A Substitute for Gravity Matthew Reece
Play 10 The Weight of Light, Mutable Theories and Stable Facts, Scientific Versus Legal Laws Paul Adams
Play 11 Time, Space, and Gravitation, by Dr Albert Einstein J. M. Smallheer