Drugging a Nation

Samuel Merwin, Sr. (1875 - 1936)

Drugging a Nation is a journalistic reveal of the extent to which the British Empire was culpable in the dissemination and subsequent near total addiction to opium of the Chinese people in the nineteenth century. So weak did it make China, that is was invaded multiple times, often by the British Empire itself looking to make its treaty ports stronger, but by other world powers too. In the end, this resulted in the complete collapse of the empire. The book describes in detail the extent to which opium had taken over the lives of the ordinary Chinese person and how it worked. (Summary by the author)

Genre(s): Social Science (Culture & Anthropology), Modern (19th C)

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter 1: China's Predicament Edmund Bloxam
Play 02 Chapter 2: The Golden Opium Days Edmund Bloxam
Play 03 Chapter 3: A Glimpse into an Opium Province Edmund Bloxam
Play 04 Chapter 4: China's Sincerity Edmund Bloxam
Play 05 Chapter 5: Sowing the Wind in China-Shanghai Edmund Bloxam
Play 06 Chapter 6: Sowing the Wind in China-Tientsin and Hong Kong Edmund Bloxam
Play 07 Chapter 7: How British Chickens Came Home to Roost Edmund Bloxam
Play 08 Chapter 8: The Position of Great Britain Edmund Bloxam
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