Dreams Collection 2 - Stories and Poems


This is a collection of 20 stories and/or poems, contributed by Librivox volunteers, pertaining to dreams. ( ~ Michele Fry)

Genre(s): Poetry, Short Stories

Language: English

Group: Dreams Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Life's Gifts by Olive Schreiner Olive Schreiner Etext Newgatenovelist
00:01:43 en
Play 02 The Night School by James Hopper James Hopper Etext Dan Gurzynski
00:18:50 en
Play 03 The Inn Of Dreams by Olive Custance Olive Custance Etext ChadH94
00:01:32 en
Play 04 A Pre-existence by Madison Cawein Madison Cawein Etext April6090
00:05:08 en
Play 05 The Reverie by Clinton Joseph Masseck Clinton Joseph Masseck Etext Newgatenovelist
00:02:02 en
Play 06 The Mother's Dream by Hannah F. Gould Hannah Flagg Gould Etext ChadH94
00:04:19 en
Play 07 In the Tower: A Recorded Dream by Valery Bryusov Valery Bryusov Etext Scarbo
00:11:42 en
Play 08 A Cradle Song by William Blake William Blake Etext Michelle Dyer
00:01:27 en
Play 09 Portrait of a Boy by Stephen Vincent Benet Stephen Vincent Benét Etext Colleen McMahon
00:01:54 en
Play 10 Days and Dreams by Madison Cawein Madison Cawein Etext April6090
00:02:00 en
Play 11 The Dream of Eugene Aram by Thomas Hood Thomas Hood Etext NR Collard
00:10:10 en
Play 12 Dreamland by Harry Graham Harry Graham Etext ChadH94
00:02:09 en
Play 13 Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Samuel Taylor Coleridge Etext NR Collard
00:03:52 en
Play 14 A Reverie by Nellie Seelye Evans Nellie Seelye Evans Etext Newgatenovelist
00:01:15 en
Play 15 The Dream of King Karna-Vootra by Lord Dunsany Lord Dunsany Etext Daniel Davison
00:03:43 en
Play 16 The Mother's Dream by Hannah Flagg Gould Hannah Flagg Gould Etext Micfairy252
00:05:19 en
Play 17 A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe Etext Louise J. Belle
00:02:03 en
Play 18 Ex Oblivione by H.P. Lovecraft H. P. Lovecraft Etext Andrew Gaunce
00:04:36 en
Play 19 Dreams by Paul Laurence Dunbar Paul Laurence Dunbar Etext Sarah Jabir
00:00:55 en
Play 20 from Monna Innominata by Christina Georgina Rossetti Christina Rossetti Etext Sarah Jabir
00:01:13 en