The Dog Crusoe and his Master (Version 2)

R. M. Ballantyne (1825 - 1894)

Set in the exciting North American frontier this tale of a rescued dog and its loyalty and help to its new master really underlines the old saying that a dog is a man's best friend. The book really is a story of adventure in the early Western prairies not just about the dog. It is more what it was like to hunt a buffalo and live at a time when the Indians presented a problem and also how the early settlers dealt with them. It touches on things that were new to the people at the time Ballantyne wrote it. Crusoe was won by a young lad in a shooting contest as well as a rifle. And as the boy and dog grew and rode out to see the grand prairie for the very first time we meet the different animals and great country and the reader gets to share the excitement of adventure. - Summary by phil chenevert and wikipedia

Genre(s): Action & Adventure

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 CHAPTER I - The backwoods settlement--Crusoe's parentage and early history--The agonizing pains and sorrows of his puppyhood, and other interesting matters. Diana Schmidt
Play 02 CHAPTER II. A shooting-match and its consequences--New friends introduced to the reader--Crusoe and his mother change masters.. AnthonyJackson
Play 03 CHAPTER III. Speculative remarks with which the reader may or may not agree--An old woman--Hopes and wishes commingled with hard facts--The dog Crusoe's education begun. Aaron White
Play 04 CHAPTER IV. Our hero enlarged upon--Grumps. brianna
Play 05 CHAPTER V. A mission of peace--Unexpected joys--Dick and Crusoe set off for the land of the Redskins, and meet with adventures by the way as a matter of course--in the wild woods. Aaron White
Play 06 CHAPTER VI. The great prairies of the far west--A remarkable colony discovered, and a miserable night endured. Aaron White
Play 07 CHAPTER VII. The "wallering" peculiarities of buffalo bulls--The first buffalo hunt and its consequences--Crusoe comes to the rescue--Pawnees discovered--A monster buffalo hunt--Joe acts the part of ambassador. Aaron White
Play 08 CHAPTER VIII. Dick and his friends visit the Indians and see many wonders--Crusoe, too, experiences a few surprises, and teaches Indian dogs a lesson--An Indian dandy--A foot-race. AnthonyJackson
Play 09 CHAPTER IX. Crusoe acts a conspicuous and humane part--A friend gained--A great feast. AnthonyJackson
Play 10 CHAPTER X. Perplexities--Our hunters plan their escape--Unexpected interruption--The tables turned--Crusoe mounts guard--The escape. Aaron White
Play 11 CHAPTER XI. Evening meditations and morning reflections--Buffaloes, badgers, antelopes, and accidents--An old bull and the wolves--"Mad tails"--Henri floored, etc. Aaron White
Play 12 CHAPTER XII. Wanderings on the prairie--A war party--Chased by Indians--A bold leap for life. AnthonyJackson
Play 13 CHAPTER XIII. Escape from Indians--A discovery--Alone in the desert. Aaron White
Play 14 CHAPTER XIV. Crusoe's return, and his private adventures among the Indians--Dick at a very low ebb--Crusoe saves him. Christopher Thompson
Play 15 CHAPTER XV. Health and happiness return--Incidents of the journey--A buffalo shot--A wild horse "creased"--Dick's battle with a mustang. Christopher Thompson
Play 16 CHAPTER XVI. Dick becomes a horse tamer--Resumes his journey--Charlie's doings--Misfortunes which lead to, but do not terminate in, the Rocky Mountains--A grizzly bear. Christopher Thompson
Play 17 CHAPTER XVII. Dick's first fight with a grizzly--Adventure with a deer--A surprise. Christopher Thompson
Play 18 CHAPTER XVIII. A surprise, and a piece of good news--The fur-traders--Crusoe proved, and the Peigans pursued. Chase Landkamer
Aaron White
Play 19 CHAPTER XIX. Adventures with the Peigans--Crusoe does good service as a discoverer--The savages outwitted--The rescue. Christopher Thompson
Play 20 CHAPTER XX. New plans--Our travellers join the fur-traders, and see many strange things--A curious fight--A narrow escape, and a prisoner taken. Christopher Thompson
Play 21 CHAPTER XXI. Wolves attack the horses, and Cameron circumvents the wolves--A bear-hunt, in which Henri shines conspicuous--Joe and the "Natter-list"--An alarm--A surprise and a capture. Christopher Thompson
Play 22 CHAPTER XXII. Charlie's adventures with savages and bears--Trapping life. brianna
Play 23 CHAPTER XXIII. Savage sports--Living cataracts--An alarm--Indians and their doings--The stampede--Charlie again Aaron White
Play 24 CHAPTER XXIV. Plans and prospects--Dick becomes home-sick, and Henri metaphysical--The Indians attack the camp--A blow-up. Aaron White
Play 25 CHAPTER XXV. Dangers of the prairie--Our travellers attacked by Indians, and delivered in a remarkable manner. bookworm18
Play 26 CHAPTER XXVI. Anxious fears followed by a joyful surprise--Safe home at last, and happy hearts. PlanZradio
Play 27 CHAPTER XXVII. Rejoicings--The feast at the block-house--Grumps and Crusoe come out strong--The closing scene. PlanZradio