Deeds of Daring done by Girls

Hannah Hudson Moore (1857 - 1927)

Do not think, dear girls, that because you are girls you may not have as much courage as your brothers. I believe that quite as stout hearts beat beneath muslin frocks as under stuff jackets. When you have finished reading this book about your sisters, perhaps – if you do not already – you will agree with me, and think that it needs only occasion to call out the necessary courage. I have been asked which one of these heroines I think the most daring, but – oh dear – it would never do to have a favourite, would it? So I leave them to you, and that you will enjoy learning of their trials and triumphs is the wish of your friend, the author. - Summary by preface

Genre(s): Action & Adventure

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Robe of the Duchess, part 1 James K. White
Play 02 The Robe of the Duchess, part 2 James K. White
Play 03 The Princess Wins Leeswim
Play 04 Defence of Castle Dangerous Leeswim
Play 05 The Pearl Necklace, part 1 Barbara Hale
Play 06 The Pearl Necklace, part 2 Sarah
Play 07 The Pearl Necklace, part 3 Barbara Hale
Play 08 Dicey Langston JeanB
Play 09 The Maid of Zaragoza Marta A