Courage (Dramatic Reading)

Ruth Ogden (1853 - 1927)

Courage follows the story of Courage, a young 12-year-old orphaned girl, who adapts to to meeting and living with new people. She lives up to her name . . . but, what becomes of her in the end? - Summary by bhavya

Courage: Elsie Selwyn
Larry: Larry Wilson
Sylvia: LikeManyWaters
Miss Julia: Beth Thomas
Mary Duff: Foon
Gentleman/David/Mr. Everett: TriciaG
John: Josh Kibbey
Celia Thaxter: Leanne Yau
Big Bob: Campbell Schelp
Man, Captain, Man 2: Bhavya
Boy: William White
Dick, Father, Bruce: Elijah Fisher
Mrs. Everett: Anita Sloma-Martinez
Big Girl: Evie Maria
Small Girl: Zoe Trang
Irishman: ChadH94
Narrator: Aaron White and Chuck Williamson
Edited by bhavya, Larry Wilson, and Linny
Proof-listened by Elijah Fisher and Lynette Caulkins

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Family

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Dramatis Personae 00:01:53
Play 01 Chapter 1- Named at Last Group 00:08:43
Play 02 Chapter 2- On The Watch Group 00:07:30
Play 03 Chapter 3- Larry Comes Group 00:10:21
Play 04 Chapter 4- Miss Julia Group 00:11:45
Play 05 Chapter 5- Sylvia Group 00:16:04
Play 06 Chapter 6 - Aboard the Lighter Group 00:25:40
Play 07 Chapter 7- ''The Queerest Little Place'' Group 00:08:34
Play 08 Chapter 8- Courage Does It Group 00:24:02
Play 09 L'envoi Group 00:07:07