The Count's Chauffeur

William Le Queux (1864 - 1927)

When car-crazy George Ewart accepts employment as chauffeur to Count Bindo di Ferraris, an Italian aristocrat, he has no idea what he has just let himself in for. The opportunity to drive the powerful six-cylinder, 40 horsepower Napier open touring car provides happiness enough. The Count, however, has a secret agenda. Why is he always on the move? What mystery sees the Count Bindo rushing to the wealthy--and occasionally dangerous-- hot spots of Europe? And why must he leave so quickly after? Eventually, Ewart catches on to the Count's "mission." What will he do now?
- Summary by Steven Seitel

Genre(s): Crime & Mystery Fiction, Detective Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter I. A Move on the ''Forty'' Steven Seitel
Play 02 Chapter II. A Sentimental Swindle Steven Seitel
Play 03 Chapter III. The Story of a Secret Steven Seitel
Play 04 Chapter IV. A Run with Rosalie Steven Seitel
Play 05 Chapter V. The Six New Novels Steven Seitel
Play 06 Chapter VI. The Gentleman from London Steven Seitel
Play 07 Chapter VII. The Lady of the Great North Road Steven Seitel
Play 08 Chapter VIII. The Red Rooster Steven Seitel
Play 09 Chapter IX. Concerning the Other Fellow Steven Seitel
Play 10 Chapter X. The Lady in a Hurry Steven Seitel
Play 11 Chapter XI. The Peril of Pierrette - parts 1 and 2 Steven Seitel
Play 12 Chapter XI. The Peril of Pierrette - parts 3 and 4 Steven Seitel
Play 13 Chapter XI. The Peril of Pierrette - parts 5 and 6 Steven Seitel
Play 14 Chapter XI. The Peril of Pierrette - parts 7 and 8 Steven Seitel