Companionable Books

Henry van Dyke (1852 - 1933)

Many books are dry and dusty, there is no juice in them; and many are soon exhausted, you would no more go back to them than to a squeezed orange; but some have in them an unfailing sap, both from the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. Here I have written about a few of these books which have borne me good company, in one way or another, -- and about their authors, who have put the best of themselves into their work. Such criticism as the volume contains is therefore mainly in the form of appreciation with reasons for it. So I send forth my new ship, hoping only that it may carry something desirable from each of the ports where it has taken on cargo, and that it may not be sunk by the enemy before it touches at a few friendly harbors. (Henry van Dyke)

Genre(s): Literary Criticism

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface MaryAnn
Play 01 The Book of Books MaryAnn
Play 02 Poetry in the Psalms MaryAnn
Play 03 The Good Enchantment of Dickens MaryAnn
Play 04 Thackeray and Real Men MaryAnn
Play 05 George Eliot and Real Women MaryAnn
Play 06 The Poet of Immortal Youth (Keats) MaryAnn
Play 07 The Recovery of Joy (Wordsworth) MaryAnn
Play 08 ''The Glory of the Imperfect'' (Browning) MaryAnn
Play 09 A Quaint Comrade by Quiet Streams (Walton) MaryAnn
Play 10 A Sturdy Believer (Samuel Johnson) MaryAnn
Play 11 A Puritan Plus Poetry (Emerson) MaryAnn
Play 12 An Adventurer in a Velvet Jacket (Stevenson) MaryAnn