Commentary on the Gospel of John, Book 1

CYRIL OF ALEXANDRIA (c. 376 - 444), translated by Rev. Philip Edward PUSEY ( - 1880) and Rev. Thomas RANDELL (? - ?)

Cyril was a scholarly archbishop and a prolific writer. In the early years of his active life in the Church he wrote several exegetical documents. Among these were: Commentaries on the Old Testament, Thesaurus, Discourse Against Arians, Commentary on St. John's Gospel, and Dialogues on the Trinity. In 429 as the Christological controversies increased, the output of his writings was so extensive that his opponents could not match it. His writings and his theology have remained central to the tradition of the Fathers and to all Orthodox to this day. (from Wikipedia)

Book I of Commentary on St John's Gospel covers John 1:1-28.

Genre(s): Christianity - Commentary

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Introduction Jonathan Lange
Play 01 Chapter 1: That Everlasting and before the ages is the Only-Begotten, on the words, In the beginning was the Word. Jonathan Lange
Play 02 Chapter 2: That the Son being Consubstantial with the Father is also God in His own Person, even as also the Father, on the words, And the Word was with God. Jonathan Lange
Play 03 Chapter 3: That the Son is also God by Nature, in nowise either inferior to, or unlike the Father, on the words, And the Word was God. Jonathan Lange
Play 04 Chapter 4: Against those who dare to say, that the conceived and natural Word in God the Father is one, and He that is called Son by the Divine Scriptures another (such is the misconceit of Eunomius' party), on the words, This was in the beginning with God. A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 05 Chapter 5: That the Son is by Nature Creator with the Father, as being of His Essence, and not taken to Him as a minister, on the words, All things were made by Him. A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 06 Chapter 6: That the Son is by Nature Life, and therefore not originate, but of the Essence of God the Father, on the words, That which was made, in it was Life. A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 07 Chapter 7: That the Son is by Nature Light, and therefore not originate, but of the Essence of God the Father as Very Light' from Very Light, on the words, And the Life was the Light of men. A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 08 Chapter 8: That the Son of God alone is Very Light, the creature not at all, being participate of Light, as originate, on the words, He was the Very Light. A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 09 Chapter 9: That the soul of man does not exist prior to the body, nor is the embodiment a consequence of former sins, as some say, on the words, He was the Very Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world: He was in the world. A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 10 Chapter 9, part 2 A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 11 Chapter 9, part 3 A LibriVox Volunteer
Play 12 Chapter 10: That the Only-begotten is alone by Nature the Son from the Father, as being of Him and in Him, on the words, No man hath seen God at any time. A LibriVox Volunteer