Coffee Break Collection 029 - Dogs


This is the 29th Coffee Break Collection, in which Librivox readers select and read stories or poems, fiction or non-fiction pieces of fifteen minutes' duration or less, suitable for short commutes and coffee breaks. The subject for this collection is "DOGS"... and the collection is full after 20 pieces have been submitted. - Summary by ~ Michele Fry

Genre(s): Short Stories, Essays & Short Works

Language: English

Group: Coffee Break Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Brigham the Cave Dog H. C. Hovey Etext April6090
00:15:02 en
Play 02 The Cur Dog Edward Jesse Etext Rowan Puttergill
00:13:21 en
Play 03 A Dog Day Walter Lewis Emanuel Etext grant007love
00:11:57 en
Play 04 The Dog and the Shadow Aesop Etext Craig Campbell
00:01:22 en
Play 05 A Dog Story Unknown Etext Michele Fry
00:08:04 en
Play 06 The Dyer's Dog E. Nesbit Etext William Allan Jones
00:06:11 en
Play 07 An Elegy On The Death Of A Mad Dog Oliver Goldsmith Etext Craig Campbell
00:02:09 en
Play 08 From The Jaws Of A Wolf Unknown Etext William Allan Jones
00:09:21 en
Play 09 Fuzzles, A Story of a Puppy G. B. Burgen Etext William Allan Jones
00:17:07 en
Play 10 The Little Dog Match Anonymous Etext Colleen McMahon
00:05:42 en
Play 11 A Noble Dog E. Nesbit Etext Ceridwen Davies
00:03:11 en
Play 12 On a Dog and a Man Also Hilaire Belloc Etext Phil Schempf
00:11:40 en
Play 13 Rats! E. Nesbit Etext Ceridwen Davies
00:04:23 en
Play 14 The Tables Turned E. Nesbit Etext Maria Grazia Tundo
00:06:21 en
Play 15 The Three Dogs Andrew Lang Etext Lynne T
00:09:59 en
Play 16 Tinker E. Nesbit Etext Aundrea
00:12:26 en
Play 17 Tuffy Todd's Adventure Samuel Doggerel Etext Rapunzelina
00:17:15 en
Play 18 The Vagabonds J. T. Trowbridge Etext Rowan Puttergill
00:05:35 en
Play 19 The Vain Setter E. Nesbit Etext Maria Grazia Tundo
00:07:09 en
Play 20 'Yaller', Burglar-Hunting Dog of the Police Force Anonymous Etext Colleen McMahon
00:07:17 en