A Clean Heart

G. A. McLaughlin (1851 - 1933)

"Much of the preaching and teaching of religion is in a theological dialect that is scarcely more intelligible to the people than a foreign language. Many pulpits need an interpreter as much as do the foreign missionaries among the heathen.
The attempt of the writer is to put the matter of full salvation in a simple, direct way, that all may see the simplicity of a subject that is sometimes “darkened with words".
It is an attempt to show that the experience of a clean heart is but the answer to a prayer that is both scriptural and reasonable. It is an attempt to furnish food for hungry souls...” (Excerpt from the Preface)

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

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Play 00 Preface David Wise
Play 01 What is a clean heart? David Wise
Play 02 The importance of a clean heart David Wise
Play 03 Possibility of such an experience Gillian Hendrie
Play 04 The universally offered and unanswered prayer Gillian Hendrie
Play 05 Prayer for a clean heart must be definite Gillian Hendrie
Play 06 Not imputation Gillian Hendrie
Play 07 As related to evangelism Gillian Hendrie
Play 08 Not suppression Gillian Hendrie
Play 09 The popular error Gillian Hendrie
Play 10 How to obtain a clean heart Gillian Hendrie
Play 11 Reasons why we should seek a clean heart Gillian Hendrie