Christus Consolator: Words for Hearts in Trouble

Handley Carr Glyn Moule (1841 - 1920)

This book is intended principally to remind those whose hearts the European War has stricken of the hope and comfort which lie ready for their wounds in our Lord Jesus Christ. I shall be glad indeed if anything in my pages may bring help to other sorrowing souls; for grief and death do not suspend their normal visitation among us, the infliction of the sore pains and losses of common life, because of their tremendous activities today on the field of battle, in the war-hospital, and on the deep. But I have written with these latter troubles more directly in view. With reverential sympathy I lay my little book at the feet of those who see their dear ones smitten and maimed, or who, with wet or with tearless eyes, lament their death, in this awful struggle not of nations only but of right with wrong, of light with darkness, of causes dear to the God of truth, and peace with the energies - I cannot doubt it any longer -of dark powers of the Unseen, working through misguided man. I dare to hope that some, if only some, of the reflections here set out may tend to lift such suffering spirits to the region where comfort, and the calm of hope, and a victory in Christ over all embitterment and rebellion, will fill and bless them, beginning already to transfigure sorrow into living peace. If it is so at all, to our heavenly Master all the thanks be wholly given. - Summary by Preface

Genre(s): Christianity - Other

Language: English

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