Children's Classics in Dramatic Form

Augusta Stevenson (1869 - 1976)

This is a collection of short stories by the Brothers Grimm, Aesop, H. C. Andersen, and more authors, turned into short children's plays by Augusta Stevenson. This collection has seventeen plays in which characters come together and form a classic children's story. (Summary by francesb)

Cast list:
mepreckel, Shakira, Onlam, silverquill, GardenerOfStars, LydiaCW, possum2364, ToddHW, Margaret, TriciaG, hallejk, HughGil, abendlied, jerrica, etel13, WoollyBee, Little_Tee, m8b1, aradlaw, arnaldo4455, MrsHand, Janet99, kcotter13, JoFriday21, jessieyun0404, Savvy0712, RosslynCarlyle

Edited by: Michele Eaton, Maria Therese and David Olson

Genre(s): Plays, Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface Margaret Espaillat
Play 01 The Travellers and the Hatchet Group 00:01:47
Play 02 The Old Man and his Grandson Group 00:02:43
Play 03 The Crow and the Fox Group 00:02:46
Play 04 The Miller, His Son, and Their Donkey Group 00:03:56
Play 05 Each In His Own Place Group 00:04:59
Play 06 What the Goodman Does is Always Right Group 00:06:40
Play 07 The Cat and the Mouse Group 00:06:37
Play 08 The Girl who Trod on the Loaf Group 00:09:13
Play 09 The Ugly Duckling Group 00:12:37
Play 10 The Red Shoes Group 00:14:39
Play 11 The Story of Ali Cogia Group 00:10:52
Play 12 The Wild Swans Group 00:22:33
Play 13 The Two Countrymen Group 00:12:35
Play 14 The Man and the Alligator Group 00:15:15
Play 15 The Song in the Heart Group 00:15:46
Play 16 The Emperor's Test Group 00:15:07
Play 17 Christopher Columbus Group 00:22:05