Charley's Aunt

Brandon Thomas (1848 - 1914)

The girlfriends are coming to visit the chaps at college, but of course they can't stay unless there is a proper chaperone. So what could be more reasonable that getting a friend from the Drama Club to dress up and pretend to be Charley's Aunt? Simple and sure to work! What could go wrong? Howsabout the real aunt arriving? This play has been revived and adapted numerous times including as films, a Broadway musical, and even an opera. (NOTE: the script contains an almost overwhelming number of stage directions by the author telling each actor what emotion to show, where to move, and even how to create some of the visual effects. Because the directions give a good idea of the on-stage pandemonium one would see at a production of this farce, I have chosen to leave the directions in this audio performance.) - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
STEPHEN SPETTIGUE, Solicitor, Oxford: Foon
COLONEL SIR FRANCIS CHESNEY, BART., Late Indian Service: Larry Wilson
JACK CHESNEY, Graduate at St. Olde's College, Oxford: Tom Daley
CHARLEY WYKEHAM, Graduate at St. Olde's College, Oxford: Wolfgang Bas
LORD FANCOURT BABBERLEY, Graduate at St. Olde's College, Oxford: Tomas Peter
BRASSETT, A College Scout: ToddHW
AMY SPETTIGUE, Spettigue's Niece: Leanne Yau
KITTY VERDUN, Spettigue's Ward: Beth Thomas
Stage Directions: Devorah Allen
Edited by: ToddHW

Genre(s): Humorous Fiction, Plays

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Act 1 Part 1 Group 00:47:54
Play 02 Act 1 Part 2 Group 00:50:27
Play 03 Act 2 Part 1 Group 00:49:30
Play 04 Act 2 Part 2 Group 00:31:13
Play 05 Act 3 Group 00:55:53