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Character voices

Posted on September 24, 2005 by | Posted in recording tips | Comments: 3 Comments on Character voices

As a LibriVox reader, you can tap into your acting talents and give your characters voices. Depending on your book and the character, you may choose to be subtle or outrageous. No matter which, it makes it easier for the listener to distinguish during dialogue.

How do you create a character’s voice? Tone (nasal, smooth, scratchy, breathy, rumbling), pitch (high, low) and speed combine to make memorable voices.

Experiment, practice, and listen closely to friends and strangers to hear a wide range of voices you can imitate.


Reading back

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Here’s a trick from a friend of mine who narrates books on tape for the blind.

If you stop a recording session without finishing the book, next time you prepare to record, play back the last few minutes of the previous recording and read along.

This helps your voice “settle in” and find the pace and intonation that matched your previous recording, creating a nearly seamless listening experience for the audience.



Well-lubricated voice

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When recording your chapters, be sure to have a glass of water on hand. Sip from it as you reach the end of a section or long passage, or before a retake, or while scrolling down thepage.

Being well-lubricated helps you maintain an even, unforced tone and minimize gummy lip smacking sounds.

Be sure to edit out the drinking sounds!


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