Black Folk Tales

Erick Berry (1892 - 1974)

This book contains 13 Hausa folktales from Nigeria as retold and also illustrated by Erick Berry, the pen name of Evangel Alenna Champlin who lived in West Africa in the 1920s. While in Africa, she met and married Oswald Best, who was an official in the British Civil Service. They later moved to the United States, and Erick Berry went on to become a well known children's book illustrator as well as an author. Both she and her husband wrote books about Africa; in addition to this book of African folktales, Berry is also the author of Girls in Africa, and she did the illustrations for her husband's book, Garram the Hunter: A Boy of the Hill Tribes, a novel also set in Nigeria.
- Summary by Laura Gibbs

Genre(s): Culture & Heritage Fiction, Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Foreword laurakgibbs
Play 01 The Story of Solomon and the Birds laurakgibbs
Play 02 The Town Where No One Slept laurakgibbs
Play 03 The Spider and the Two Chiefs laurakgibbs
Play 04 Why the Hartebeest Always Has Tears in His Eyes laurakgibbs
Play 05 Why the Owl Flies Only at Night laurakgibbs
Play 06 The Water of Ladi laurakgibbs
Play 07 The Goat and the Hyena laurakgibbs
Play 08 The Magpies and the Greedy Spider laurakgibbs
Play 09 The Maiden and the Sarakin Pumpkin laurakgibbs
Play 10 The Lion and the Squirrel laurakgibbs
Play 11 Another Story of the Spider laurakgibbs
Play 12 The Ram and the Youngest Son laurakgibbs
Play 13 The Lazy Frog laurakgibbs