The Black Cat Vol. 02 No. 06 March 1897


The Black Cat (1895-1922) was a monthly literary magazine, publishing original short stories, often about uncanny or fantastical topics. Many writers were largely unknown, but some famous authors also wrote original material for this magazine.
This sixth issue of volume 2 presents the following five short stories:
"The Stolen Melody", by Constance Fauntleroy Runcie: a ruthless pianist tries to win the music award through evil manipulation
"The Bramble Gift Trust", by Zollie Luther Jones: Nannie Burns has assembled a very unusual collection of souvenirs
"The Parchment Slave", by A. M. Barnes: find out what really happened to the last will of Mr Boise
"Monsieur Angot", by Charles F. Bourke: let yourself be instructed by the musings and philosophies of a French parrot
"The Ivory Bells", by James Buckham: a young woman hopes to find out that Love is not only attracted by lovely baubles
- Summary by Sonia

Genre(s): Fantastic Fiction, Short Stories

Language: English

Group: The Black Cat Magazine

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 The Stolen Melody, by Constance Fauntleroy Runcie Yaelin Lee
Play 02 The Bramble Gift Trust, by Zollie Luther Jones SaraHale
Play 03 The Parchment Slave, by A. M. Barnes Greg Giordano
Play 04 Monsieur Angot, by Charles F. Bourke Alan Lord
Play 05 The Ivory Bells, by James Buckham Julie Burks