The Black Cat Vol. 02 No. 02 November 1896


The Black Cat (1895-1922) was a monthly literary magazine, publishing original short stories, often about uncanny or fantastical topics. Many writers were largely unknown, but some famous authors also wrote original material for this magazine.
This is the second issue of volume 2 with the following five short stories:
"Silas F. Quigley - To Arrive", by Lewis Hopkins Rogers: a puzzling letter incites Mr Quigley to explore an unusual way to secure a job
"The Polar Magnet", by Philip Verrill Mighels: discover the terrible technique a sculptor uses to create very life-like casts for his art
"Fitzhugh", by W. MacPherson Wiltbank: an untalented man tries his utmost to have his five minutes of fame, with an unexpected outcome
"The Passionate Snake", by Ella Higginson: how a snake learnt about the treachery of man
"Professor Whirlwind", by Allen Quinan: the shocking account of a man's experience inside a tornado
- Summary by Sonia

Genre(s): Fantastic Fiction, Short Stories

Language: English

Group: The Black Cat Magazine

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Silas F. Quigley - To Arrive, by Lewis Hopkins Rogers Jean Claire
Play 02 The Polar Magnet, by Philip Verrill Mighels Rachel Diaz
Play 03 Fitzhugh, by W. MacPherson Wiltbank Greg Giordano
Play 04 The Passionate Snake, by Ella Higginson Julie Burks
Play 05 Professor Whirlwind, by Allen Quinan ToddHW