Bashan And I

Thomas Mann (1875 - 1955)
Translated by Herman George Scheffauer (1876 - 1927)

Simple and unpretentious as a statement by Francis d’Assisi, yet full of a gentle modern sophistication and humour, this little work will bring delight and refreshment to all who seek flight from the heavy-laden hour. It is, moreover, one of the most subtle and penetrating studies of the psychology of the dog that has ever been written—tender yet unsentimental, realistic and full of the detail of masterly observation and description, yet in its final form and precipitation a work of exquisite literary art. - Summary from the Foreword by Herman George Scheffauer

Genre(s): Animals, Essays & Short Works, Nature

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Introduction And Foreword David Wales
Play 01 Bashan Puts In His Appearance David Wales
Play 02 How We Acquired Bashan David Wales
Play 03 A Few Items Regarding Bashan's Character And Manner Of Life Part 1 David Wales
Play 04 A Few Items Regarding Bashan's Character And Manner Of Life Part 2 David Wales
Play 05 The Hunting-Grounds Part 1 David Wales
Play 06 The Hunting-Grounds Part 2 David Wales
Play 07 The Chase Part 1 David Wales
Play 08 The Chase Part 2 David Wales
Play 09 The Chase Part 3 David Wales