Astrophil and Stella

Sir Philip Sidney (1554 - 1586)

Astrophil and Stella is a sonnet sequence written by Philip Sidney, an Elizabethan poet and courtier. It details the frustrated love of Astrophil (whose name means "star-lover") for his beloved Stella (whose name means "star"). It is likely that Sidney based his poems on his own unrequited passion for a married woman. The sequence inspired other sonnet writers of the period, such as Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, and Lady Mary Wroth. (Summary written by Elizabeth Klett)

Genre(s): Poetry, Sonnets

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
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Play 02 Sonnets 31-60 Elizabeth Klett
Play 03 Sonnets 61-84 Elizabeth Klett
Play 04 Sonnets 85-90 Elizabeth Klett
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