Arizona Argonauts

H. Bedford-Jones (1887 - 1949)

Imagine it's early 1900's and you want to get away from it all. So you head to Two Palms, Arizona. Where for entertainment, people await the arrival of the daily stage coach. Gold mining is an avocation. There is desert everywhere, deadly rattlers, no paved roads, some people travel in model T's which they call flivvers. They must carry their own water, gasoline and tire patch kits for the many blowouts they encounter. The heat is blinding! The nearest "big" town is Meteorite which has an ice cream shop, a post office and a stage coach head office. Here's where it gets interesting! Three misfits, a disgraced surgeon, an ex bank robber and a former prominent businessman type all meet on the road to nowhere to team up and head to Two Palms to turn their lives around. Already there is a wealthy San Francisco businessman and his beautiful daughter the apple of everyone's eyes. Arizona Argonauts would make a great movie! There's intrigue, murder, mayhem, mystery and of course romance. Try it - you'll like it!

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Two Palms John
Play 02 Shipwrecked Men John
Play 03 Bill Hobbs Arrives John
Play 04 Sandy Invests Twice John
Play 05 Clairedelune John
Play 06 Deadoak Feels Remorse John
Play 07 Stung! John
Play 08 Doctor Scudder John
Play 09 The News Story John
Play 10 Flight John
Play 11 The Sun Strikes John
Play 12 Scudder Comes John
Play 13 Untangled John